Welcome to Formula One Colours (I know, the name isn’t particularly catchy yet), a blog all about that most vital and important aspect of F1 – team, car and driver liveries, colours and sponsorship!

I’ve started this site because I refuse to believe I’m the only person in the world who cares about the minutiae of what F1 cars look like, but after hunting on the web, I haven’t found a site anywhere that’s solely dedicated to the issue. For me, the car launches season is one of the most exciting times of the F1 calendar, yet you have to scout hard to find people discussing and sharing insider gossip on what any of the new liveries might be.

And yet a truly classic (or a truly dreadful) livery is instantly memorable to any F1 fan; and when a big team makes a significant change (such as McLaren switching from Marlboro in ’97, Ferrari taking on the Marlboro shade of red the same year, or Williams going red in ’98), it can really make the headlines.

On this blog, therefore, I’ll be providing news, comment and speculation on new liveries during the car launches season of January-February. Once the season gets underway, I’ll report on any significant changes made, with added focus on drivers’ helmets from time to time. In addition, I’ll be posting longer features on various aspects of livery history – from the Best and Worst of all time, to the changing schemes of many of the top teams.

Meanwhile, if you have anything to add, feel free to contact me or leave comments.

Enjoy the site!


One Response to Welcome!

  1. f1 yan says:

    cool site !! thanks for sharing

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