Only three to go as Spyker launch…

So yes, Team Identity Crisis (alright, maybe I’m doing Spyker a disservice, maybe they’ll be around for years and become a noted F1 name – but come on, it’s hard to believe that this team was coming third in the championship with Frentzen as recently as 1999) have launched their car, and as expected, it’s orange. Very orange.


Remind anyone of anything?

Well, while it’s not exactly perfect, it at least demonstrates to Renault how it’s possible to put orange on a car and not make people want to throw up. Although, if anything, it is perhaps a little too orange in its patriotic fervour – a bit more black trim here and there wouldn’t have gone amiss, and as such it’s nowhere as lovely as this bad boy.

It’s an improvement on last year’s orange and silver job (which I didn’t hate as much as some, but which was a clear rush-job), and the chevrons are interesting, although I wonder how long they’ll last, and if a new sponsorship announcement is still forthcoming – I’ve heard rumours of DHL…


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