The Top 25 F1 Liveries of All Time : #13


One of only a handful of teams to recognise what a good combination black, white and yellow makes, Minardi’s striped car from 1990 probably would have been the one to make this list if it didn’t look so much like a ripoff of the early ‘80s Renault livery. As it is, though, the predominantly black car, with strips of white and yellow at the rear, was a much more distinctive effort. Minardi carved out a good visual identity for themselves with this colour combination, so it’s somewhat surprising that they subsequently flitted between various forgettable designs for most of the ‘90s (save a brief return to it in ’97).



3 Responses to The Top 25 F1 Liveries of All Time : #13

  1. Marleen says:

    I don’t remember it at all, but I like it a lot.

    Also, if Bruce Wayne sponsored a F1 team, this is probably what his cars would look like.


  2. Waris says:

    It was simple, and it worked. Great livery.

  3. Jonny says:

    Nice to see this one in there, probably the most underrated livery in F1 history, and like you I was disappointed to see Minardi go through loads of other colour schemes with the exception of ’97, which then had too much white and was spoiled a bit by the Mild Seven blue.

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