Oh, this is just ridiculous…

Force India, I’m disappointed. You’re a brand new team. You’re not bound by any corporate colours, nor by being Japanese (which appears to oblige teams to paint their cars white and red). You had a lovely shade of burgundy on your test car that would have looked awesome if you’d decked out the whole thing in it. You’re also launching your car later than almost everyone else on the grid – so you must be aware that BMW, Honda, Toyota and (probably) Super Aguri have predominantly white cars, with significant amounts of the colour splashed on the Renault and (probably) Williams, too.

So I ask you… what the hell is this all about?


Not only is it white… it’s bloody ugly, as well. The gold looks ridiculously ’70sish, and clashes with the red of the Kingfisher logo. Quite frankly, I feel completely justified in hoping that the newest owners of F1’s Cursed Team go the way of Midland and Spyker before them. At least those two had distinctive liveries.

Not. Impressed.


5 Responses to Oh, this is just ridiculous…

  1. matthew says:

    It makes my eyes want to throw up…

  2. Aly says:

    I don’t think it’s that bad but then again another white car this year! Why do F1 teams go through phases of all the cars on the grid being similar – you would think sponsers would want the cars to stand out – as the top 25 list shows!

  3. Marleen says:

    Too much white – yes. And the gold/red really doesn’t look any regal.

    But then, if all other cars were blue or black, I’d probably like this one anyway.

  4. Fábio says:

    Fugly… the original colours used in the early testing looked much better.
    Even the original burgundy with gold would have looked better. To me the car looks like a can of beer on wheels, particularly a brand we have aroud here. Just when I thought no one could do worse than the ING-Renault F1 team… they flaunt you with this crap. Fortunatly we won´t be seeing it to much on TV.

  5. Waris says:

    It’s not too bad, at least I think it’s not so bad as most people think. It’s still one of the worst liveries, though. They need to change the shade of gold. I noticed it looks like yellow on TV.

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