New Mercedes!

And it turns out that that Photoshop mockup was actually closer to the truth than we’d anticipated! Official pictures will surely follow, but for now, Jake Humphrey has already Twittered some pictures of the new car at the launch. And here it is!

Update: More pictures above, and here are my thoughts. It’s… underwhelming, to be honest. Given that the one thing we knew all along was that it would be silver, I think we mostly expected something a bit more… dynamic? Exciting? Certainly not just a photoshopped version of a Brawn (although, that said, maintaining the “swoosh” from the nose is a pleasing link to the team’s prior incarnation). The turquoise doesn’t really work at all in such thin lines and splashes – there either needed to be more of it, to make it stand out more, or it not be there at all. And what really doesn’t work is the fact that the other splash colour, on the numbers and some logos, is red – the two don’t go together. Red alone would have worked, but of course would have invited further comparisons with a McLaren – something also unavoidable when you look at the driver uniforms, which really are reminiscent of the Hakkinen/Coulthard era. It’s not a great way to mark out a new, exciting era – and nor does it feel like a suitably impressive-looking car for Schumacher to make his return in. It’s just, well, kind of bland, isn’t it? On the other hand, it can be argued that having it be entirely silver (especially with the red numbers) is more of a callback to the actual 1950s Silver Arrows – but if that’s the case, why the turquoise, or the weird “spray-paint” style splash of black on the engine cover? It sort of feels caught between being two different things, which is a shame – as this was an opportunity to do something really stunning. Ah well. Not a disaster, but let’s hope it’s not a sign of things to come for the other teams’ designs.


7 Responses to New Mercedes!

  1. Beye says:

    It’s hard to tell at this point- the lighting they used at the launch made it look more white than grey- but from I can see they’ve done a very good job. Looks like one of the best new liveries in years!

  2. B says:

    Ugh. That is baaad. I would have expected matte silver and bare carbon.

  3. Dahie says:

    I like the soft streaks, I don’t like the black blob on the airbox, I like how they integrated the engraved carbon, I don’t like the non-uniform sponsor colors, I like that they kept the Petronas turkise, I don’t like the lack of it, I like the overall theme, but I don’t like that it consistent colors.

    So it’s a draw, has some nice ideas, but looks like they didn’t dare more.

  4. [fliP] says:

    Concerning the lightning, I’ve just watched a video where the turquoise seems to stand out a bit more, and the car appears much more silver/grey than white.

  5. Ned says:

    The shade of grey isn’t dark enough, the black splodge on the engine cover looks silly, the red Aabar lettering looks out of place, there isn’t enough turquoise, the driver overalls are extremely boring…. But these are mainly minor flaws- on the whole I think it is a very nice livery!

    Also, here’s a pic of the new Toro Rosso livery. It’s hard to make out the car, but it seems to have gold graphics on the sidepod and an orange stripedown the nose:

    And check out the fantasy liveries on this thread on the F1 Fanatic Forum. Some of these mock ups are really great:

  6. J.S. says:

    They should’ve made it darker silver, I agree with Ned. Other than that it looks decent, now let’s wait and see what it looks like on the new car.

  7. Tom says:

    Underwhelmed as well. It looks like they spent a lot of money on it and I guess looking expensive is ultimately what Mercedes would like to convey to its customers.
    I hope that this designs evolves or the season. That blob looks stupid up close but works much better when seen from a distance.

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