New Ferrari

Well, look – it’s a Ferrari, it’s got a bit more white on it than last season (I quite like the touch of having the front wing supports be white as well as the wing itself), but aside from that it’s exactly as you’d expect, even down to still having that quite dated-looking Marlboro barcode thing.  So there’s not really much else to say about it – to be honest, the Red Bull-esque nose is probably a more interesting aspect than the livery. Here it is, anyway :

What I do find rather amusing, though, is the way the uniforms look like they’ve been designed to give Massa and Alonso the look of rather womanly hips…


3 Responses to New Ferrari

  1. Paolo says:

    Actually there IS something more to say: Santander and Ethiad logos near the Prancing Horse are an insult to Ferrari tradition of smooth liveries. They look horrible and misplaced! There was enough space on the sides of the front wing and near the Shell logo on the nose and on the sides. But, no!, they decided to put them near one of the most worldwide recognizable auto logo, ruining both its solemnity and the car livery as a whole. And what about front wing supports? Not that I hate the choice of putting some white on the car (although maybe now it’s too much, that’s not a Toyota!), but these elements are terribly bad painted: if you notice the white doesn’t stop at the junction with the nose, but it goes way higher, until, for no reason, the livery returns red. The white doesn’t follow the shape of the nose, but goes parallel with the ground only forming an inexplicable “wave”.
    It’s a real pity, because the car looks good, i like both the new nose and the shape of the rear, the design looks terrific by every angle. They really should have put some more effort on the livery, not ruining the occasion given by the new sponsor.

    An italian Ferrari supporter.

  2. Ned says:

    Haha, interesting observation on the drivers overalls!

    While I liked the previous all red Ferrari design, it didn’t work too well on the 09 car with its huge wings. I think painting the wings white is an improvement (even if the front wing is now a bit Toyota- ish)

    Ps, nothing to do with the livery, but Alonso looks tiny in this picture!

  3. The Last Pope says:

    Been looking at the photos of pre-season testing and I agree with everything Paolo said. The Ferrari looks cluttered. And that barcode on the engine cover is HUGE and very ugly. Soon people will have forgoten what the barcode represents so hopfully Ferrari will have to find money elsewhere.

    Actually I wish the FIA would ban non-worded tobacco logos just so we wouldn’t have to see that damn barcode eyesore ever again.

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