Lotus Cars-sponsored Renault – the launch version

Wasn’t sure if I’d do this one, since we’d already posted the livery – but go on, then, we’ve had three launches today (and are edging towards it being the site’s most popular day in terms of hits), so let’s have the full set. It is a bit different from the Autosport Show version, what with having sponsors on it and stuff:

All opinions on the naming situation and their right to even appropriate this livery aside, the car itself is interesting. It does look pretty nice in places (especially in close-up) – although I still think their 2010 car was much more interesting. And the uniforms are good, to boot. But they just seem intent on ruining a good concept with poor application; we’ve discussed the red endplates (does anyone think they work? No, really, comment if you do), but there’s also the surplus of sponsors clustering the sidepod (yet none on the airbox – just a team URL), or the big yellow Lotus logo on the nose (and how funny is it that Lotus have a car with a big Renault logo on the nose, and Renault have a car with a big Lotus logo on the nose?)

When all’s said and done, it’s a pretty nice-looking car – flaws and all – but man, if it isn’t the most elaborate act of “making a point” I’ve seen in a long time.


8 Responses to Lotus Cars-sponsored Renault – the launch version

  1. Michael says:

    I really like the pops of red. I think it was really smart to monotone all the logos and use red as an accent.

    While the car itself is really nice, no matter how much I read about it, I still can’t comprehend the reasoning behind making it jps gold and black.

    • Rob says:

      I too really like the red endplates. The black and gold look very classy but the red gives the whole car a nice punch of colour. I am a HUGE Renault fan and have hated their livery since the departure of Mild Seven. Last year was a good concept but horrid execution. It was choppy and dis organize and looked great from the top but horrid from the side.

      This year they finally have a car that looks fantastic (including the red)!

  2. Séamus says:

    I like the red endplates too. Adds a nice contrast to what is otherwise quite an intense livery.

    Livery works much better on this years car then it did the R30.

  3. Silverkeg says:

    I like the red as well, i think it breaks it up nicely, what i don’t like though is the placement of sponsors. Some parts of the there is just too much while others there is none. The MASSIVE Lotus logo too is just aweful and the shade of gold to me doesn’t look quite right and it is applied too libeally, too thick and chunky for what is a quite curvaceous good looking car

  4. Vert says:

    The red is growing on me, but I still don’t really like it.

    Mind you, that isn’t the biggest issue with this car. The gold lines are too thick, the wrong gold, it’s too cluttered with sponsors and the list goes on. T

    his should have been an incredible livery and instead it’s mediocre.

  5. Dahie says:

    I’m still split. Over time I can forgive the red endplates and actually I quite like the simple gold-lines applied to the car. Still my gripes are with the execution. I don’t like that the lines are in a consistent width and especially those on the sidepod look off as they become thinner to the rear.
    Also the sponsor placement looks incoherent and due to the curvy bodywork, many look like there was nothing to align them to. The angles are off and the gold lines have a hard job of “keeping it together”.

  6. AlexF1 says:

    Hey! Mercedes, Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Williams liveries are out on others sites!

  7. Aly says:

    I like the livery to be honest but I agree that it could have been better. The original JPS schemes worked because there were straight edges to run the gold linesd along or parallel too. I think the R31 is too curvy (if there is such a thing!). I think a 8/10 for this one but I think we all expected it to be amazing.

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