Team Lotus launch T128

Phew, it’s all kicking off this morning. Sauber’s new car launch is due at 10am (and is, rarely for them, one of the more exciting launches of the year as they’re one of the few teams expected to change livery dramatically), with “Lotus” Renault an hour after that (even though we’ve seen their livery, we’ll get it on their new car for the first time)… but in the meantime, Team Lotus have already released pictures of their new T128 at the rather odd hour of 5am…

It’s certainly nice to see the green/white/yellow design making a comeback; but it’s also not as immediately, strikingly brilliant as the 2010 design. I like the flash of the yellow stripe that comes across the back of the engine cover and onto the rear wing, but that’s about the only alteration that feels like an improvement. The nose, in particular, is a major disappointment – with sponsor logos looking like they’re stuck on in differently-coloured boxes, rather than being “cut out” of the nose stripe. It makes it look a bit cheap. And I’m not keen on the new style of number-housing circle, either.

The configuration of sponsors is interesting to note: it’s quite impressive in this climate that the team have managed to pick up a new sponsor entirely, in the shape of EQ8 energy drink (although it’s entirely feasible that, as with other such drinks in the past, EQ8 is in fact a Fernandes-owned brand); and it’s notable that AirAisa now receives increased prominence on the car. Of course, as rumours persist that the team might not actually go into the season named Lotus (despite using the classic Lotus shield for their “Team Lotus” mark – meaning that unless Renault change it, it’s going to be on two different cars this year), the good money would seem to be on them becoming “Team AirAsia”, instead…


12 Responses to Team Lotus launch T128

  1. bosyber says:

    From the side I think the livery looks great – but I agree that on the nose it looks a bit messy – it doesn’t help, for example, that the Renault logo box can’t stay in between the white lines, even though it at least doesn’t go beyond them – I guess that was a difficult negotiation for the engine ^^

    Am I right that the green they are using is a bit lighter and metallic, ie. more like the Jaguar colour?

    • Seb Patrick says:

      See, the Renault bit is probably the one sponsor box on the nose that I like 😉 As a contrasting colour, it at least looks like it’s MEANT to be cut out of the stripe. But the Tune and Naza ones just look all wrong.

      I’m not sure if it’s a lighter shade or if it’s just the lighting… but it does look a bit more metallic, yeah. Either way, I’m just glad there’s still a green car on the grid!

      • bosyber says:

        I would have liked the Renault better had it been inside the white, as said, because that would have made it fit perfectly. The other logo’s, well, I tried to look past those, because they look cluttered and messy indeed!

        The side view is great – so I hope we get to see that a lot – green is good, and I having looked at the pictures some more, I do think it is a lighter, brighter colour, which will look great on track 🙂

      • bosyber says:

        I have to say: what a difference a bit of polish makes – on track the nose looks neater done, probably because they applied some polish to the car.

        And I just saw a pic from behind ( of the car leaving the pitbox – that yellow band on the rear wing and engine cover looks really good from that angle.

  2. Ed says:

    I think EQ8 is just the rebranded version of LR8, a energy drinks company that Fernandes tried to launch last year.

    Anyway, I agree, it does look worse than last year. I don’t know why they wanted to change it.

  3. Ned says:

    It does seem to be a slightly brighter shade of green than in 2010, and that’s all I wanted from this livery!

    But, the question is, how long will it last before it’s replaced by the corporate colours of Air Asia, supposing they lose their court battle?

  4. Vert says:

    Side view reminds me of this:\

    I agree with what everyone has said about the nose as well.

    Prefer last year’s livery to be honest.

  5. Séamus says:

    Stunning colour of green. I love this car and think it’s an improvement on last years cracker!
    I love the way the sponsors break up the gold line on the nose.
    They could probably blend them in a bit better(colour shades seem to be a little bit off or something just not quite right. love it!

  6. Kevil says:

    I really like this, but i also have a thing about green f1 cars!

    I like the big yellow stripe on the airbox, just a shame they didnt carry it all the way across. And again there’s a hint of it under the cockpit. If you want to do something bold then you should just do it, instead of hinting at it.

    The sponsor logos on the front look like they’re printed on stickers that are the colour of last years car. Hopefully this is justa launch thing and not a final layout of the nose.

    • bosyber says:

      What I like about the yellow on the engine cover is how neatly they fitted the “Renault” in there, very clever way to give Renault its white on yellow look.

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