Formula One Colours is a blog launched in 2007 to fill a niche previously unsatisfied by the internet in general – detailed discussion of Formula One team, car and driver liveries, colours and sponsorship. While the message boards, forums and comment sections of general interest F1 sites often buzz with discussion of liveries around the launch season each year, to our  knowledge F1 Colours remains the only site dedicated solely to this topic.

Although most active with news, rumour, speculation and commentary during those launch months of January to March each year, the site tries to remain active all year round with updates during the racing season itself, and throughout the year we also publish historical features such as individual team Livery Histories, or other general pieces spotlighting liveries old and new.

We also accept content submissions, so if you have an article about any aspect of liveries/team branding/etc. that you’re desperate to get off your chest, then feel free to write in and we’ll look at publishing it.

About the Author
Seb Patrick has been a fan of F1 since the mid-90s, and has been interested in liveries for roughly the same amount of time – his fascination largely sparked by countless hours spent painting real and fantasy cars for the games Grand Prix 2 and 3. His favourite era of the sport is circa ’91-’95, his supported team Williams (he was previously a Benetton fan before the Renault buyout), and his driver heroes include Ayrton Senna, Damon Hill, Michael Schumacher, Martin Brundle and, er, Jos Verstappen. Of the current crop, British (and Williams) drivers aside he generally roots for Sebastian Vettel – this is only partly due to sharing his name.

He has written for various publications and websites, including Wired UK, When Saturday Comes, Micro Mart, Empire, BBC Online and Channel 4, and is also attempting to forge a career as a comedy and comic book writer. His main blog can be found at sebpatrick.co.uk, but he also co-runs a comics review/discussion blog, a Doctor Who site and a Red Dwarf site.


5 Responses to About

  1. Come and see us at http://www.pitboard.co.uk to discuss colours, cars, drivers, teams, other motorsports and pretty much anything else

  2. Gav says:


    I have to admire the whole idea and frankly can’t wait for an article on Durex’s sponsorship of the Surtees team in the 70’s. Surely there’s the opportunity for a plethora of puns about burning rubber.

  3. Marleen says:

    I do enjoy the “livery countdown” very much. Are you planning something similar with drivers’ helmets? That’d be lovely.

  4. Chris says:

    love the whole concept. been looking the web for a site like this for ages

  5. ray o'brien says:

    hi, we have just finished restoring a 1950’s vanwall type grand prix car. its total mechanics are e type everything inc a v12 donk. we want to paint it in 2000 F1 jag green. what is the name of the green and is it metallic? i can email you some pics if you want . thanks ray

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