2011 Liveries: The Verdict(s)

March 14, 2011

Right, then. We’ve now seen all twelve of 2011’s Formula One liveries. I wanted to wait, before doing the usual summary post, until we’d seen them all running on track in testing – but frankly, from the looks of things we may not see the HRT in motion before Melbourne itself. So there’s no point waiting for it, and I might as well run through each of the cars now and give my thoughts. It’s fair to say that 2011 isn’t really the vintage year for new liveries that 2010 was – but there are still some interesting paint jobs out there, and some teams have even managed to improve on the previous year. Let’s take a look in detail, then…

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Team Lotus launch T128

January 31, 2011

Phew, it’s all kicking off this morning. Sauber’s new car launch is due at 10am (and is, rarely for them, one of the more exciting launches of the year as they’re one of the few teams expected to change livery dramatically), with “Lotus” Renault an hour after that (even though we’ve seen their livery, we’ll get it on their new car for the first time)… but in the meantime, Team Lotus have already released pictures of their new T128 at the rather odd hour of 5am…

It’s certainly nice to see the green/white/yellow design making a comeback; but it’s also not as immediately, strikingly brilliant as the 2010 design. I like the flash of the yellow stripe that comes across the back of the engine cover and onto the rear wing, but that’s about the only alteration that feels like an improvement. The nose, in particular, is a major disappointment – with sponsor logos looking like they’re stuck on in differently-coloured boxes, rather than being “cut out” of the nose stripe. It makes it look a bit cheap. And I’m not keen on the new style of number-housing circle, either.

The configuration of sponsors is interesting to note: it’s quite impressive in this climate that the team have managed to pick up a new sponsor entirely, in the shape of EQ8 energy drink (although it’s entirely feasible that, as with other such drinks in the past, EQ8 is in fact a Fernandes-owned brand); and it’s notable that AirAisa now receives increased prominence on the car. Of course, as rumours persist that the team might not actually go into the season named Lotus (despite using the classic Lotus shield for their “Team Lotus” mark – meaning that unless Renault change it, it’s going to be on two different cars this year), the good money would seem to be on them becoming “Team AirAsia”, instead…

I know Lotus, and you, sir, are no Lotus

December 9, 2010

Right, then. You could all probably imagine I was going to comment on this at some point. So. Here is a picture of a potential 2011 livery (although, as I’ll explain, I don’t believe it’s actually going to run next year) for the Team Formerly Known As Renault:

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Back to Black for Lotus

November 11, 2010

Well, this is interesting. As regular readers will know, I’m a huge, huge fan of the 2010 Lotus livery – I think it’s the best one not only on this year’s grid, but quite possibly on any year’s grid for the last decade. So I can’t really see any reason for them to want to change it any time soon. But they can.

In a move that is certain to excite Lotus fans and followers of Formula Oneā„¢ around the world, Lotus Racing has announced this morning that its cars will be running in a black and gold colour scheme from the 2011 Championship onwards.

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2010 Liveries : The Verdict!

March 10, 2010

Well, with all 12 teams’ liveries now unveiled, and the season opening race mere days away, I thought it time to take one last look at all 12 together, to see how they compare to one-another – and to the history of liveries in general – and give them all marks out of ten. It’s undoubtedly a more colourful grid than last year, with plenty of new colours thrown into the mix and only two cars that are predominantly white – but at the same time, we’ve suddenly been hit by a surfeit of silver/grey, and you wonder if certain teams could have done a little more to distinguish themselves. Here, then, is the full grid lineup :
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Official Lotus Pictures

February 12, 2010

Mere minutes (I think) away from the Lotus F1 launch, and would you believe… I’ve got pictures. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone!

I’m in love. It’s beautiful. Green and yellow, edged with white. Unobtrusive sponsor logos, all elegantly in white. The race number in a circle. I’ll leave the experts to decide whether it looks any cop as a racing car, and others to debate the rights and wrongs of even calling it a Lotus and evoking that image. But as a livery, it’s the best I’ve seen on the grid in years – certainly in the four pre-seasons since I started this site. Epic, epic win.

I just hope the team survive long enough for us to get a Minichamps 1:43 model of it…


February 9, 2010

I’d already heard secretive mutterings about this, but it seems Autosport have done gone let the cat out of the bag by posting a spy shot from today’s “shakedown” session. So here it is:

More reaction when they officially launch the thing and we get to see it properly, but for now, my reaction is one great big massive “YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH”.