2011 Liveries: The Verdict(s)

March 14, 2011

Right, then. We’ve now seen all twelve of 2011’s Formula One liveries. I wanted to wait, before doing the usual summary post, until we’d seen them all running on track in testing – but frankly, from the looks of things we may not see the HRT in motion before Melbourne itself. So there’s no point waiting for it, and I might as well run through each of the cars now and give my thoughts. It’s fair to say that 2011 isn’t really the vintage year for new liveries that 2010 was – but there are still some interesting paint jobs out there, and some teams have even managed to improve on the previous year. Let’s take a look in detail, then…

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Lotus Cars-sponsored Renault – the launch version

January 31, 2011

Wasn’t sure if I’d do this one, since we’d already posted the livery – but go on, then, we’ve had three launches today (and are edging towards it being the site’s most popular day in terms of hits), so let’s have the full set. It is a bit different from the Autosport Show version, what with having sponsors on it and stuff:

All opinions on the naming situation and their right to even appropriate this livery aside, the car itself is interesting. It does look pretty nice in places (especially in close-up) – although I still think their 2010 car was much more interesting. And the uniforms are good, to boot. But they just seem intent on ruining a good concept with poor application; we’ve discussed the red endplates (does anyone think they work? No, really, comment if you do), but there’s also the surplus of sponsors clustering the sidepod (yet none on the airbox – just a team URL), or the big yellow Lotus logo on the nose (and how funny is it that Lotus have a car with a big Renault logo on the nose, and Renault have a car with a big Lotus logo on the nose?)

When all’s said and done, it’s a pretty nice-looking car – flaws and all – but man, if it isn’t the most elaborate act of “making a point” I’ve seen in a long time.

“Lotus” Renault Launch Livery

January 14, 2011

Due to my continuing commitment to covering all that’s new in liveries of F1, I’m obliged to post this one. But I’m sure I don’t need to tell you right now that I’m not happy about it. Of course, we’ve seen it in photoshopped form before, but here are some actual photos of an actual “Lotus” Renault:

The worst part is that they can’t even get it right. Black-and-gold should be an impossible colour scheme to mess up, but trust the team that brought you the ING monstrosity to do just that, with red wing endplates at front and rear that just completely muck up the entire thing. Other than that, it’d be quite nice (although I’d love to see the team actually have to try and justify using an old tobacco livery considering all the farrago over Ferrari last year), but because of what it represents, it actually makes me actively annoyed just to look at it.

I know Lotus, and you, sir, are no Lotus

December 9, 2010

Right, then. You could all probably imagine I was going to comment on this at some point. So. Here is a picture of a potential 2011 livery (although, as I’ll explain, I don’t believe it’s actually going to run next year) for the Team Formerly Known As Renault:

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2010 Liveries : The Verdict!

March 10, 2010

Well, with all 12 teams’ liveries now unveiled, and the season opening race mere days away, I thought it time to take one last look at all 12 together, to see how they compare to one-another – and to the history of liveries in general – and give them all marks out of ten. It’s undoubtedly a more colourful grid than last year, with plenty of new colours thrown into the mix and only two cars that are predominantly white – but at the same time, we’ve suddenly been hit by a surfeit of silver/grey, and you wonder if certain teams could have done a little more to distinguish themselves. Here, then, is the full grid lineup :
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Renault looks like a Renault; Sauber looks like a BMW

January 31, 2010

Launchstravaganza! Despite being a Sunday, two teams have chosen to unveil their 2010 liveries (although only one on a 2010-spec car) as testing at Valencia gets underway today. First out of the blocks were Sauber, with a car that looks like an early ’90s back-of-the-grid effort, with nary a sponsor to be seen…

I was hoping for a plain black car from the team, but they’ve been perhaps mindful of the fact that Virgin are likely to roll out in black, and that there are far fewer white cars on the grid this season than last. Consquently, it’s a rather curious tweaking of the BMW-Sauber livery of last year – only with the blue sidepods replaced with black, additional black front and rear wings, and the usual gap in the “BMW style” nose pattern filled in to make a single block. All rather strange, but it’s a rather smart-looking car. Let’s hope they get some sponsors on there – rather than sticking with the drivers’ names on the engine cover in large type – before Bahrain, though.

Next we come to a rather more exciting proposition – albeit one that is similarly, and in a rather worrying trend for F1 in general, lacking in sponsor logos – and that’s the Renault:

Turns out the blurry picture I posted earlier in the week was the real deal, and despite the fact that it’s already dividing people, I love this. It’s bright, and it’s garish… but it’s also completely, undeniably, Renault. And those uniforms are cracking, as well. Having had the worst livery in F1 for two seasons (07-08) and a pretty weak effort last year as well, this is a huge step up, and I’d say it’s an early contender for best of ’10. Am I alone in this? What do you folks think?

Is this the new Renault livery?

January 27, 2010

Found on grandprixgames.org’s forum. If it is, I cautiously approve. Hard to tell much due to the blurring, but Jordan already proved in ’97 and ’98 that red makes for a nice complement to black and yellow (I imagine on the real thing, it’ll look a bit less pink than it does here!) – and it’s hard to argue that the bulk of it isn’t quite traditionally Renault.

Not long to go until we find out the truth, anyway – Renault are scheduled to launch their new car on 31st Jan

Update (28.01): Another possible image has been found, this one looking like concept art. Not sure when it dates from, so if it’s fictional it could just be that the above is a render based on it – but I’m still willing to stick my neck out and say the 2010 car could end up looking something like it…