Grand Prix 2 Cars

Here are some cars I’ve painted for the Microprose/Geoff Crammond game Grand Prix 2, for those of you out there still playing it. Feel free to use them in your own carsets, and also to edit them with any alterations you feel necessary – although if you use them (altered or unaltered) in carsets distributed elsewhere, please credit me for the original work.

Unless otherwise stated, these cars are made from a blank template based on a plain white Honda car created by David Stunnenberg for his 2007 carset. If any of my cars are based on your original work and you wish to see them removed from the site, please contact me.

The previews here are in PNG format, but are linked to bitmap versions that have the correct palette applied. You’ll need GP2edit to install them, of course – you can find a link to this, along with various other GP2 utilities, over at

2010 Cars

Mercedes Petronas

Renault F1

Lotus F1(missing rear wing sponsor and numbers – I’ll update it when I’ve added these!)

Virgin Racing

Fantasy Cars

Canon Williams Ford

(both based on Tim de Klein/David Stunnenberg’s 2009 Williams)

AT&T Williams Ford

Repsol Campos Meta Cosworth


3 Responses to Grand Prix 2 Cars

  1. Arthur says:

    Thank you for your GP2 cars! Keep it up!
    Still need Sauber & HRT.

  2. AAS says:

    Nice cars here.
    Hope to see more.

  3. J.A. Brown says:

    Oh wow, you still use GP2! That’s awesome. I like the Campos and the reminiscent-of-pre-1994-Williams liveries. (I always hoped Williams would get a yellow sponsor, like Telefónica, so they could go yellow-blue-white again.) Seen as how they are now apparently a candidate for MasterCard sponsorship next year, this might not be too far off… (but it would also mean adding red, and that would be just ugly! Like an inverse of their 1999 livery. Yuck! 😦 )

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